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Keratin Smoothing Vs Permanent Straightening

What is keratin smoothing?
A keratin smoothing treatment is a semi-permanent hair smoothing treatment, it smooths out upto 85% of your frizz and adds shine. It can be used on colour treated hair. It coats the hair with a layer of keratin, a protein that makes hair strong and resilient. It can be performed on all types of chemically treated hair. Some keratin treatments straighten hair completely, while others simply loosen the curl pattern. They last about three months and require blow-drying and sealing with a flat iron. They are also called brazilian keratin treatments or brazilian blowouts.

What is unique about keratin complex smoothing treatments?

At Lemani Hair and Extensions our preferred keratin of choice is keratin complex.
The innovative technology in our revolutionary keratin treatments binds keratin to the hair. This helps prevent humidity from penetrating the hair, thus locking out frizz which helps make the hair stronger and smoother.
Whether you are smoothing frizz or just defining your curl keratin complex is our absolute favourite tool to achieve amazing results.

Is keratin right for you? Or should you have permanent straightening?

Permanent straightening makes your hair straight, it is not as flat as hair that has been ironed, but it dries as though you had naturally straight hair. It grows out like a permanent colour so in strong curly hair types the roots will come through curly and the ends will stay straight. This means that for maintenance, you can just do the regrowth every 10-12 weeks.
If you do not like the idea of the curly regrowth and are more looking for something to help reduce the time it takes to style your hair more than reducing the curl, then keratin is for you.
Keratin is semi-permanent lasting between 4-12 weeks, depending on the method used and your lifestyle. It shampoos out of the hair, and the hair slowly returns to its previous texture. This does mean that when it is time to redo the service, your whole hair is done again, not just the roots. However, if you decide not to maintain the keratin, there is no demarcation line on the hair where it starts and stops or a line where it is growing out.
We do not recommend keratin as a smoothing treatment if your hair is bleached or damaged, due to the amount of heat straightening involved it can damage already fragile hair however it can be used as a strengthening treatment just without the heat as part of the service .
However, if your hair is in good condition we highly recommend this service if you are looking for a service that will cut down styling time and smooth your frizz.

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