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Hair Colour

Are You Ammonia Free?

Yes, Our Colour Is Ammonia Free, PPD Free And Resorcinol Free

Is Your Colour Cruelty-Free?

Yes, All Our Products Are Cruelty-Free, And Our Colour Is PETA Approved

Is The Colour Remover Bleach?

We Have Many Options For Removing Artificial Colour, But Our Most Popular Is Our Colour Remover That Does Not Contain Bleach

Can I Lighten My Hair Without Using Bleach?

Yes, If You Are Natural, You Can Lighten With A Tint, Or If You Have An Artificial Colour You Can Lighten With Our Not Bleach Colour Remover

Should I Use A Packet Dye?

Sure, Feel Free To Use Packet Dye But Remember Packet Dye Is Extremely Hard To Remove So If You Want To Change Your Colour Down The Track It Will Cost You.

Can You Give Me A Quote For Hair Colour Over Messenger?

No, We Only Quote Colour In-Salon Consultations

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