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Hair Extensions

What is better for my hair, Tape’s or wefts?

This is a personal preference, for us to help you make this decision its best to come in for a one on one consultation with you where we can assess your hair and your needs and tell you the pros and cons to each service. One of our qualified extension technicians will help you make the right decision.

Do extensions cause damage?

The truth to this question is Yes, all extensions will cause some hair loss; however, if put in correctly by an experienced hairdresser and looked after well with all the right home care this loss is minimal. It is so essential to make sure you are seeing an experienced extension technician to avoid unnecessary damage.

Can I colour extensions?

Yes, extensions can be coloured with semi-permanent hair colour, but they cannot be lightened.

How often do they need to be moved up?

For Tapes, we recommend between 5-7 weeks

For wefts, we recommend between 7-10 weeks

How often do I wash hair extensions?

We recommend 1-2 times a week

Are hair extensions real hair?

Yes, our hair extensions are 100% human hair

What hair extensions are best for short hair and How long does my hair need to be to have hair extensions?

We recommend that your hair is at least shoulder length to achieve best results, For short hair, we recommend tapes or a mix of wefts and tapes as tapes can be placed closer to the hairline to achieve a natural look.

How are hair extensions applied?

We apply our wefts with a flat track miro beaded system and the hair weft is then sewed onto the track.

Our tapes are approximately 3 cm long, and they are applied with tape and sandwiched together of a piece of your hair.

How long do hair extensions stay in for?

In many cases, our blonde extensions last 9-12 months and the darker extensions last up to 12 months. This can only happen if minimal heat is used on them when styling and our strict home protocol is adhered to.

Why are my hair extensions getting tangled?

There could be a few reasons why your extensions are tangling

  • You have bad quality hair, and the cuticle isn’t aligned
  • you have used the incorrect products such as protein-based products
  • Your natural hair is fine and damaged and is causing the extension hair to tangle to your natural hair
  • you are not brushing your hair daily and making sure your extensions aren’t matting


Can I get my extensions wet at the beach?

NO!! we advise that you do not immerse your hair extensions in saltwater or chlorine

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