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Hair Extension Maintenance

Essential Care Points for Lemani Hair & Extensions:

Use the recommended Moroccanoil and Evo products exclusively to ensure the safety of your extensions; other brands cannot be guaranteed.

Exercise caution with heat styling; limit temperatures to 170 degrees and restrict usage to once a week to prevent excessive drying.

Prioritize nighttime care by sleeping on a silk pillow to reduce friction. Always secure your hair to prevent tangling and matting.

After a new installation or move-up, refrain from putting your hair up immediately; allow a few days to prevent friction and pulling.

Brush your hair daily, ensuring hands go through the tracks to prevent matting and maintain the integrity of your extensions.

Congratulations on your stunning new hair extensions from Lemani Hair & Extensions! We’ve meticulously colour-matched and worked our magic to ensure they perfectly complement your natural hair. However, just like your own hair, these extensions require regular maintenance to keep them looking fabulous. Here are some foolproof aftercare instructions to preserve the beauty of your extensions:

1. Maintenance Colors/Toners:

  • Hair extensions, especially blonde ones, may experience fading or brassiness due to heat styling, washing, and sunlight exposure.
  • Schedule maintenance colours/toners every 6-8 weeks to combat fading and maintain the perfect colour match.
  • Use recommended home care products to prolong the vibrancy of your extensions.

2. Swimming Precautions:

  • Avoid pools, spas, and the beach, but if you must, tie your hair up to keep it dry.
  • If you do however end up exposed to water, wash your hair immediately, apply a treatment, and gently brush out any matting.
  • NEVER go to bed with wet hair.

3. Sunscreen Awareness:

  • Be cautious with sunscreen to prevent extensions from turning pink.
  • Watch for signs such as orange-pink blotchiness where your hair passes through your hands or at the ends touching your back.

4. Tanning Products and Makeup:

  • Tanning products and makeup can stain lighter-coloured extensions, so handle them with care.

5. Heat Styling Guidelines:

  • Use heat tools with caution and always apply an extension-safe heat protectant (e.g., Moroccanoil Perfect Defence).
  • Limit heat to 170 degrees to avoid damage.
  • Look out for signs of heat damage, including white spots, excessively dry hair, split ends, and matting.

6. Brushing Techniques:

  • Brush your hair every day using a soft bristle brush between the rows and at the nape to prevent tangling.
  • Be gentle to maintain the integrity of the extensions.

7. Nighttime Care:

  • Put your hair up in a high pony or a low plait at night to prevent friction against the pillow.
  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase for added protection.

8. Sunglasses and Styling:

  • Avoid sunglasses causing the rows to lift by handling them carefully.
  • Don’t pull your hair up too tightly, as it can cause rows to drop or slip.

9. Post-Extension Care:

  • Wait a few days before putting your hair up high after getting fresh extensions to avoid friction and pulling.

Follow these easy steps, and your Lemani Hair & Extensions will stay in top-notch condition. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team. Thank you for choosing Lemani, where beauty meets care!

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